The easiest way to manage your DeFi portfolio and make complex DeFi operations easiest way with less efforts.

DeFi Automations

P2P Orders
Trustless and secure swaps between individual users.
Stop-loss Orders
Can be filled only if a particular price has been reached.
Sell Collateral
Sell your collateral in a single transaction using taker’s assets to repay a debt.


Change your collateral or debt asset
Protect your position from a liquidation.

Create a leveraged position and specify stop-loss/take-profit conditions
  1. Autocompounding. Automatically sell your liquidity mining rewards when a certain amount or price reached
  2. Liquidity management strategies. Move your liquidity between pools based on token prices
  3. Stablecoin strategies. Buy stablecoins at lower rates and sell at higher rates, making a profit on rate differences.
Create Your Own

Combine various DeFi actions, create unique protocol interactions and execute them in a single transaction.

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